Award Winning Kitchen & Bathroom Design


A multi award winning design practice that knows how to include all of the design essentials to your best advantage. Our concerns are the working triangle (the stove, fridge and sink, positioned at three sides of a triangle) providing functionality and ultimate style. Careful attention is given to the process of function & preparation, establishing your optimum work flow and safety requirements. A successful kitchen design considers all these elements to achieve your ideal flow. Once the design is finalised the aesthetic & styling process begins - Call now to book an appointment!


As the National award winning Bathroom Designer of the Year amongst other coveted design awards, we can think through your daily routine and consider the space need to maneuver during the cleanse, dry and function within the space. We consider everything in our designs, from towels within easy reach to providing ample storage. A primary consideration is the amount of usable bench top is available and keeping the area well ventilated. An important factor that is often overlooked is cleaning, we ensure your selected finish will not be high maintenance - we will guide you to beautiful and easily maintained bathroom. Call now to book an appointment!

Neutral colour schemes overall create a sense of calm and space, and remain timeless. Add flair with colour, texture and personality - without dating your kitchen or bathroom. Lighting is the jewelry to any space, we use a combination of task, ambient and natural lighting to make your space incredible!